Media Diary: Guess What I’ve Been Doing

Well my day started at 11 am with a good old email check, followed by a morning game of MAG (a massively mutliplayer military shooter on PS3).  An hour later my roommate woke up and I continued to watch his game of Civilization V.  At 1 pm I started to get ready for school and … Continue reading

Media Diary: Day 3

I woke up at 10 this morning without the aid of an alarm.  I was actually pretty impressed with myself.  After pouring myself some cheerios I turned on my computer to check my email.  After that I checked my bank account balance and then booked and airline flight for November.  I then texted my friend … Continue reading

Media Diary: Day 2

I woke up at 8am and avoided all media except for turning off the alarm clock on my cell phone until i left the house for my doctor’s appointment.  On the road at 9:20 I called my mom to let her know that I was on my way.  Arriving at the office at 9:30, I … Continue reading

Media Diary: So it begins

Today is the beginning of my media diary week. I woke up this morning at 11:30 in the apartment of my friend for whom I was catsitting and housesitting.  I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.  I caught the movie Couples Retreat on HBO 2 right about at the middle.  About a half … Continue reading

Topic Presentation

Here is the slideshow for me and Casey’s presentation from last week:

Twitter and the gaming industry

I am not new to twitter at all.  I have been using it for a couple of years under the handle @makeyourself270 and love it for a variety of reasons.  One aspect that I had never experimented with, however, was lists.  Therefore, I was very eager to do this assignment once I had seen that … Continue reading

Media Convergence in Little Big Planet

In his article Dueze points to Counter Strike as an example of convergence culture in the gaming world.  While it is a great case to study for such a phenomenon, it is one of many in the world of computer games.  If we switch over to the home console arena (ie Xbox360, Playstation 3, and … Continue reading

Deliberation on Video Game Censorship

So the nerd deeply rooted in my brain made me focus on the topic of video game censorship.  The two videos I have chosen deal with: 1.) The issue of sexual content within games, specifically the case of Mass Effect 2.) The presence of themes considered too “real” by some, illustrated by the upcoming Medal … Continue reading

Internet and Democracy

When reading this week’s article there were two topics that really grabbed my attention: WikiCrime and Search engine optimization. Taking a look at the WikiCrimes website (, the first thing that struck me was the simplicity of the site.  There is only one page which contains just the map and links to some popup windows … Continue reading

A little about me

My name is Donny Weinbrenner.  I am a second year Master’s student in the college of Sociology and Criminology & Law.  My research focuses are knowledge, culture, and media.  Specifically, I am interested in researching how the culture growing out of participatory media, like YouTube, interacts with more traditional forms of media to change the … Continue reading