What Would Zombie Disney Think About Remix?

6 Responses to “What Would Zombie Disney Think About Remix?”
  1. tinamomo says:

    I enjoy your video, especially the ending. I think the copyright holders deserve to be credited for their creation, but I am against they lock everything up just in case someone “steal” their creation. Like you presented in the video, Walter Disney borrowed so many brilliant thoughts and ideas from various sources, and now they are charging money for that. Everything we are having right now is built on the past. Luckily, scientists and philosophers don’t charge for their creation.

  2. francescalyn says:

    This is hilarious. I knew from the title I would want to at least see this video. I’m not sure if I have any answers though on what people must do to preserve their creative freedom. I think creative commons licenses are a step in the right direction to allow free exchanges of ideas though.

  3. Wendy Brunner says:

    Your video cracked me up! =) That’s awesome. The Disney corporation is infamous now for being lawsuit-happy when it comes to copyright infringement, but I can’t help but wonder if that would be in the spirit of what Walt Disney himself would have wanted. Perhaps it is, I don’t know… but thinking about him waking up in the future after his copyrights expired makes me smile! After watching the movie this week I don’t know how I feel about the whole debate–it frustrates my inner-lawyer, haha!–but I can definitely say that suing a daycare center for painting a mural of Mickey Mouse is NOT what our nation’s founding fathers had in mind when they included copyright protection in the Constitution!

  4. I think this video needs a continuous music soundtrack. Also, I expected to see some zombies!!

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