Analytic view of privacy in an “Ubiquitous Media” landscape

1.) Do employers have the right to know what their employees do when they are not working? Why or why not? -I do not believe that employers have the right to know the private actions of their employees.  By definition, an employers role is only superior in the workforce, and as such, should only be … Continue reading

The Brian Lehrer Show as an Example of Crowdsourcing

This week I decided to look more closely at The Brian Lehrer Show as an example of crowdsourcing.  In my efforts to discover more information on this particular case, I came across insights into how this show fits as an example of crowdsourcing and how it has transformed since the writing of our article. Fascinating … Continue reading

What Would Zombie Disney Think About Remix?

The Problem of Copyright in a New Media Context

One of the greatest strengths of the internet is the way in which it is able to facilitate collaboration.  Trends we are seeing in the development of web applications are starting to have profound effects on the way knowledge is produced.  Talking about students in a transmedia environment, Jenkins says: They have to weigh the … Continue reading