Media Diary: Looking Back

I learned a couple of interesting things about myself while doing this assignment, and I can honestly say that I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do it.

First among these things is that I remembered way more of my media interaction then I ever thought I was going to be able to before I embarked on this journey.  I was worried that I bombard myself with so many stimuli that it would all become and indistinguishable blur, or that I would not be able to effectively pin point the times in which I did them.  I was actually quite pleased that my media interactions were actually meaningful enough to me that I could recount them with astonishing accuracy as to the times they occurred and their durations.

Secondly, and I think most importantly, I discovered that I viewed my personal behavior inaccurately, and consequently misinterpreted the larger state of media.  I have been known among my friends to say that television is dead as a media outlet.  That broadcast entertainment will not be able to survive in the wake of online content.  What I’ve discovered about myself is that I still very much imbibe broadcast television, I’m just deceived into thinking I do not.  Services like Hulu Plus have me actually watching more shows from channels like ABC then I ever have in the past.  Television is not dying, it is merely evolving into a form that seems poised to flourish.

Another thing I observed is that I do not check in with social media nearly as much as I feared I do.  My twitter and Facebook checking are actually well below the mark that I though they were, and this is actually an area of my media consumption I want to increase my frequency with.

Looking at my media diary it is clear to see that there is one medium that dominates my waking hours.  That is gaming.  Whether I am playing, watching a roommate play, checking news, or watching strategy videos, games are something that I am almost constantly engaged with.  I’m thinking it may be a little unhealthy, though I do not really find other aspects of my life to be diminished.  In fact, I’ve come to realize that I get a lot of my socialization by using this favorite pastime of mine as a gateway to others.  I bond with my closest friends while organizing strategy online with them, and by co-leading their civilizations into anachronistic glory.  Although it’s pretty obvious that Civilization V could cause someone’s life to spin out of control.

The last thing to be analyzed is the presence my cell phone has in my life.  It is as close to a wholly convergent device as I have ever come across.  While it may not be able to perform all the tasks that I require of my media, it represents each and everyone of them to an extent adequate for sating my needs.  I am indeed grateful to have such a device and realize how crucial it in aiding my lifestyle.

That was a lot more insightful self-reflection than I expected to get out of this!!!

3 Responses to “Media Diary: Looking Back”

  2. Nice WP theme! (MUCH prettier than the last one!)

    Interesting that through this experience you realized that TV is moving from the living room to your laptop, wherever that is. I am learning that students watch much, much more TV online than I do. I really like the giant screen. (Or are you streaming it through your game machine to the big screen?)

    Also, I’m addicted to commercial-free TV via TiVo. Watching a show online with the stupid commercials drives me nuts.

    • It’s been a long struggle trying to find a good theme. I like this one though. I do stream all my tv shows through a gaming system to my tv. I don’t particularly care for watching shows on my computer either. Though the 22 inch monitor helps ease the pain when I have to.

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