Media Diary: Day 6

Started the day at 10 am and got onto the bus by 10:30, Gamescoop streaming into my ear through my phone.  Had Krishna lunch with my friends until 1:30 pm and went back home.

At home I finally watched this week’s Castle on Hulu Plus on Playstation 3, and I absolutely loved it.  Afterward I played 3 round of MAG (an online shooter), and then Rock Band 2 with my friend.  We went to run errands.

While we were out, I got a call from my mom telling me that she was at the Verizon store getting her new phone.  Good thing she called me, because she almost bought the wrong phone.  Crisis averted!!!  While running errands my friend and I had music on in the car.  I got back home and checked my email and tweets at around 8 pm.  Got another call from my mom at about 9 because she didn’t know how to send a text from her new phone.

This is that part of the night where I went into my roommate’s room to watch him continue his game of Civilization with the latest episode of Jersey Shore on in the background.  I was also checking my usual gaming sites (gamespot, gametrailers, kotaku, and giantbomb, and ign), looking at my bank account, and talking with friends on Pidgin.

My phone yelled at me once during this time to let me know that I had a bunch of Facebook notices.  I told it to shut up and we haven’t really been talking since.

That brings us to now with me writing this as my roommate’s Ghandi flies a spaceship to Alpha Centauri.  Anachronism for the win!!!

Goodnight all.

3 Responses to “Media Diary: Day 6”
  1. Sounds like this was a school-free day. Man, you’ll be missing this life after you graduate … 🙂

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