Media Diary: Day 2

I woke up at 8am and avoided all media except for turning off the alarm clock on my cell phone until i left the house for my doctor’s appointment.  On the road at 9:20 I called my mom to let her know that I was on my way.  Arriving at the office at 9:30, I filled out some forms and handed them to the receptionist.  I then read an issue of Time Magazine for half an hour.  I then tweeted about how doctor’s are always behind schedule.  I subsequently used my cell phone’s browser to check my email and look at Kotaku and IGN.  The doctor finally saw me at 10:50.

At 11:30 I left the doctor’s office and called my mom again to let her know how the visit went.  I hung up with her upon arriving at Falafel King to pick up lunch.  There I checked my tweets and noted nothing of interest.  I finally got home at about 12:45pm and ate my lunch while watching strategy videos for Civilization V on YouTube and texting my friend about how the appointment went.  At 1:30 I turned on SPSS to run statistical analyses that I copied and pasted into Word and wrote up a results section.  I then emailed this assignment to my professor.

I got to the bus stop at 2:20 and on the bus I used my cell phone and a headset to watch more of the Civilization V videos.  I then had class from 3 to 5.

I got on the bus back home at 5:15, checked my tweets and texts, and then watched more Civ V videos.  I arrived home at 6 o’clock and my friend texted me that she wanted to go to Publix later.  I installed Civilization V on my computer and started up a game at about 6:30.  I left my fake Russian Empire alone at 8 to got to Publix with my friend.  We listened to music in the car.

I got back at 9 and continued nurturing my civilization until my phone notified me of a comment on my day one media diary concerning a mix up about when the entry was posted.  I replied, hoping to clear up the matter, and then changed my theme so that it may be more clear as to when my entries were posted.

I stopped playing Civilization V at 12:15, realized I had forgotten to watch Castle, and then started to write this entry while listening to the IGN Gamescoop podcast.

Another day done.  Whew.

2 Responses to “Media Diary: Day 2”
  1. I’m leaving this comment so that the time stamp will be documentation of when the post was actually published. Goodnight world. 🙂

  2. Ha, magazines in waiting rooms — that is now the main time for me to read printed magazines (and on planes).

    Kotaku and IGN are … ?

    “… on the bus I used my cell phone and a headset to watch more of the Civilization V videos.” Downloaded, or streaming?

    Castle was pretty good last night!

    Your post prompted me to read a review of Civilization V. “Following the path started by Civilization: Revolution, the game has become simpler for new players to get right into, but still maintains a deep level of complexity for the true Civ fanatic.” Hmm … tempting … I played a lot of games in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but I haven’t had time since then.

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